Our offerings

We offer a wide variety of courses and lectures in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Private Sessions
We invite you to book a Pranic Healing session and experience what it can do for you. We offer private sessions for a wide variety of ailments from physical, emotional to mental ailments.

  • The first session is 1.5hrs where we do a thorough scanning of all the chakras & organs, identify the energetic imbalances, do a through healing, and discuss these findings with the client from different perspectives – physical, psychological and spiritual.
  • Follow up sessions are typically 1 hr long, where we repeat scanning of all chakras followed by a through healing session.
  • For most ailments, clients feel an improvement in one or two sessions.

Healing session charges: €85 per session with Mausam and €120 per sessions with Keshen. (We offer package prices for more healings on request).

Please email or contact us to book a private session with Keshen or Mausam.

Introduction sessions to meditation
We also organise regular introduction sessions to Meditation on Twin Hearts at your location. Please get in touch with us, if you would like to organise group sessions.

Meditation on Stress Relief
Meditation on Stress Relief is a 2-hour course we conduct with corporates and offices that would like to introduce the concept of meditation to their employees. Please check with us for more details. [/learn_more]

Entire course list

Superbrain Yoga

A super simple, but effective technique that takes one minute per day to energise and upgrade your brain. Very effective for busy people and school going children. (Trainer: Keshen and Mausam)

Basic Pranic Healing

Don’t let the name fool you.  The techniques are quite advanced and enable you to heal a wide variety of physical and psychological ailments. You learn the theory of Pranic Healing and there is ample opportunity to practice them. The class is built up logically and each module expands on the concepts taught in the previous ones leading to one logical and easy to understand whole. (Trainer: Keshen and Mausam)

Advanced Pranic Healing

This workshop expands on the theory and techniques taught in Basic Pranic Healing and allows you to shorten the healing time by more that 50%. This class also discusses healing with colours and how to use them safely and effectively. (Trainer: Keshen)

Pranic Psychotherapy

Learn how to heal psychological ailments effectively and rapidly. Heal simple food cravings, fears, addictions and other psychological ailments. All of these can be resolved surprisingly rapid by applying the techniques taught in this workshop. (Trainer: Keshen)

Pranic Crystal Healing

Learn to harness the power of crystals and apply the Pranic Healing techniques taught in the previous classes with the help of crystals. You will also learn how to make crystals more powerful, the properties of different crystals and how to maintain their proper function. (Trainer: Keshen)

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

This courses teaches techniques and reveals truths that were kept secret for centuries about the concept of the soul, our connection to our Higher Soul, and how to accelerate the union between our Incarnate Soul (ourselves) and our Higher Soul. Advanced meditations for rapid personal and spiritual development. (Trainer: Keshen)

Pranic Psychic Self Defence

This workshop is not only for sensitive types. It is amazing how easily we are influenced by the thoughts and emotions of others. Especially in the big city, where we live and work in close proximity to each other. Learn how we influence each others thoughts and emotions and how to prevent unwanted influences. Once you become aware of how much mental and emotional clutter is caused or increased by others, you will be able to uplift yourself and unlock your hidden potential. (Trainer: Keshen)

Pranic Crystal Healing

Crystals make healing faster, more potent and more powerful. This workshop is meant for people that would like to further their healing skills by learning how to charge crystals, understand what they are capable of and how they can be used for healing. (Trainer: Keshen)

Pranic Facial and Body Sculpting

Learn how to apply Pranic Healing to remove wrinkles, have smoother and tighter skin, enlarge your breasts, buttocks, lips or reduce them, remove those love handles and loose weight fast. After this class, you will be convinced there are no limits using Pranic Healing. (Trainer: Keshen)

Check our agenda for dates, times and locations. We offer all these workshops above in a two day weekend (or weekday) course or five evenings).