Let’s face it, family life can be a challenge. For most of us, it is a constant balancing act between work and personal time. The emphasis shifts constantly. Even if you have found somewhat of a balance, it can be easily thrown off for instance by the yearly wave of running noses, coughs and fevers in the cold season in your children’s school.

We both practised Pranic Healing for almost a decade before becoming parents. But it was truly amazing to experience how much simple healing techniques helped us in our daily lives as parents.

We have experienced several times that we made an appointment with the family physician for our son, whilst doing Pranic Healing at home. By the time we entered the doctor’s office he would have recovered so much that the doctor would wonder why we made the appointment in the first place.

For us, it has become our first aid kit that lies in our own hands, for anything from crankiness to scrapes & cuts to fevers and much more.

Oh no, a fever!

Fever is a common occurrence in children. But especially for first time parents like us, it can be very disconcerting. Of course, a trip to the family physician is always recommended. In each instance Pranic Healing helped us a lot. When we applied the treatment protocol for  fever, we were amazed to see the fever (measured rectally) go down in minutes (without the use of paracetamol or other fever reducing medicines). It helped our little one many times to have a good nights sleep only to wake up rested and refreshed for a new day of discovering a brave new world.

Mommy, I can't sleep

Which parent hasn’t heard these words at some point or another? Usually uttered at a most inopportune moment. Pranic Healing works amazingly well in these situations. The Pranic Healing protocol for this particular situation states it is caused by the energy center connected with cell growth being overactive. All that is needed to normalise its function is to clean it and usually before we finish the protocol (which takes about 10 minutes), our little one has fallen asleep happily.

Will they ever sit still?!

Children running around the house is part of their nature. But sometimes it is just too much and as parents our patience is pushed beyond its limits. The science of the energy body shows that two energy centers are involved. The center connected with cell growth (see “Mommy, I can’t sleep”) and the center connected with basal emotions. The Pranic Healing protocol dictates the cleansing and energising of these centers. Each time we apply the protocol, we see our little one settling down by choosing the more quiet games. It saved many a time where we didn’t have to resort to TV or iPad.

Life just takes over!

Sometimes as parents we feel life takes over and the days, weeks and month pass in an instant. The main meditation in Pranic Healing is the Twin Hearts meditation. There is a lot of energy science behind this meditation. Instead of focussing on stillness, it activates the energy centers connected to personal and universal love. By activating these two centers, tremendous inner peace is created within minutes. In that state it is much easier to practice stillness and reflect on our inner state. After the meditation we experience more inner love, joy and peace. When we started to practice this 20 minute meditation on a regular basis (3 – 4 times per week) life slowed down, became more happy and easy going.