Energy is everywhere and also around you…… Imagine a jar of water in the shape of an inverted egg. Now imagine, that inside that jar of water is a sponge in your shape. The jar of water is the energy around you and the sponge is ‘you’. This subtle energy that’s inside of us and around us, is what we commonly refer to as the aura.

It was during the Pranic Healing workshop that we discovered that you can feel the aura with your hands, and you can also heal with your hands. By treating the aura and bringing the chakras in balance, the physical symptoms you are treating, start to disappear and you start to feel a real difference.

When we discovered this amazing energy in our hands, the healing techniques and practices quickly became a part of our daily lives. There have been numerous occasions that a healing session has saved me from 2 more days in bed from a bad cold, a day from a bad mood, or pain from a sprained muscle.

Prana is Real

Pranic Healing is a system where life energy or prana is used to change and heal our body, emotions, thoughts and life. As highly analytical and firmly grounded people, it felt a bit strange to work with something “unscientific” as life energy. However, we took it as a working hypothesis and applied the principles of Pranic Healing in our lives. Fifteen years of experimentation have convinced us that life energy or prana is an existing substance which modern science is yet to discover as something our body and mind absorb, process and eliminate as naturally as it does with food, water and oxygen.

Discover the power that lies in your hands

In Pranic Healing one senses the level of life energy in the energy body and chakras using the hands. Thru this it can be determined whether there is a malfunction. By cleansing the malfunctioning area of diseased or dirty energy and supplementing (energising) it with fresh healthy life energy, proper function is restored and you feel (physically) better.

Pranic Healing can be done on anyone who willing to receive a healing. Self-healing is one of the major reasons for people to take the two day course.

Can I learn how to heal in just two days!?
In our experience, anyone can learn Pranic Healing (even those that never had any affinity with healing). It is not more difficult than learning how to ride a bike.